After 13 Years of Marriage I am Falling in Love With Another Woman

I believe I can get a very candid and honest opinion from you that is why I have decided to write in.

I am 45 years old, married with three children of which the least is six years old.

I live happily with my family but recently I have been having unusual signs of drifting apart from them.

Before I got married to my wife I knew a young lady at the company where I worked and who I helped with a job because of a mutual friend of ours.

This young lady is very pretty and this friend of mine has asked her out because she squats at his place but she refused.

However this girl who is eight years younger than me seems to like me but I was not sure of my assumptions even though we were so close. She told me almost everything about herself and I was afraid to ask her out because I was not certain of her response or reaction If I did.


Again I did not want to be like somebody who demanded something in return for a favour done.

If I had wanted to blackmail her then I could have gotten away with it but I did the favour of securing a job for her because of my open mindedness.

Lately I have been thinking seriously about this girl and I think I am in love with her after all these years. I left the company and shortly after got married to my wife.

I no longer reason straight anymore because when I managed to contact this young lady, she said she was still keen on on seeing me again.

Please advise me on what to do because I really love this girl but I dont want to destroy my marriage. I am ready to marry her as my second wife but my problem is this – will she agree to be my second wife and would my decision make my wife of thirteen years leave me ? I need help because I am confused.

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For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here

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