Freshers Don’t Be Fooled, Be on Alert, “Uniben admission is not for Sale”, Uniben Student PRO Advises Newly Admitted Students

Uniben Student Pro warns newly admitted of admission fraud

In a letter to the students of the Great University of Benin, Benin City, the Students’ Union P.R.O, Hon. Godwin Onyekachi has advised the newly admitted uniben students on the need for caution as they begin a new journey in academic pursuit at the much celebrated university of Benin.

According to the P.R.O, the message to the freshers will be a “bear witness between the STUDENT UNION GOVERNMENT and the newly admitted students”.

Over the years, many unsuspecting and naïve students, who newly gained admission, have been scammed by dubious persons out there and on the lookout for opportunities they can take advantage of.

Godwin Onyekachi further mentioned that, in the just concluded 2017/2018 academic session, so many seeking admission fell prey to fraudulent persons through fake admission,  while some were duped and molested  in the name of admission especially persons who were still anticipating admission into the school.

“UNIBEN admission is not FOR SALE. University of Benin management cannot and will not ask you to pay any money for admission. As a matter of fact, the university authorities frown at such nefarious deeds. All payments are made online through your kofa page and as such, anyone that asks you to send him/her money is a THIEF and all ramification should be avoided”.

He also advised the newly uniben admitted to do all their online activities  such as upload of documents in an experienced Cyber café in order to avoid mistakes and errors.

This advice shouldn’t be taken lightly as the process of correcting an error or a mistake can be so tedious and time consuming, not to mention the financial cost, those who had such mistakes do have a tale to tell that may be interesting to the newly admitted. So ensure you know what you’re doing while uploading your details into a Kofa Page.

He also made it known that, fellowships on campus as well as the hostel mosque offer free online services for the purpose of helping the freshers in registration and document upload.

He also noted:

“ ASHE SPENCER and Member of his Team, who is parading himself as a member of UNIBEN MANAGEMENT, claiming he can give admission to new students but eventually duping them, the school management does not condole such act, and any individual parading him/herself in such capacity is scammer and at such should be avoided”.

He also made mention of the current cost of transportation within the campus with Cab service been #150 for one person and  #200 for four persons entering the same cab at a go. And the shuttle buses price is #30 flat within the campus and #70 from UNIBEN to outside town.

He made it known that, the school management is providing temporary accommodation for freshers.

For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here

For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here