How to Stay Healthy During These exams

Exams are ongoing in University of Benin and students are frequently visiting the school health centre while some are being carried to the health centre.

It is no longer a strange thing that students tends to fall sick when an exam is approaching or during an exams. This is actually due to a number of reasons that will be discussed here. The purpose of writing this article is to help students stay healthy during any exam and come out with good grades. I am sure you will find this article helpful.

The first reason students fall sick is FEAR. Students tends to become scared when an exam is approaching and this eventually leads to stress. students tends to only prepare for an exam when it is very close and this in itself is wrong. So, what is the solution? First, Prepare. A prominent man once said, ‘if I have six hours to cut down a tree, I will spend the first four hours sharpening my axe’ So prepare well for your exams so you won’t feel anxious when the exam is close.

The second reason is LACK OF SLEEP. Students always find it hard to sleep when exams are close. They think exam period is a time to stay awake all night. Don’t get me wrong, you ought to read and prepare but not to the stage of no sleep. Sleep is essential for the body and lack of it weakens the immune system. So my advise to you is to find time to sleep/rest.

Thridly, LACK OF FOOD. it is so amazing how students become so spiritual only during exams that they deprive themselves of food (fast). Exam period isn’t the best time to stay away from food. Eating heavy though isn’t wise either. So, eat good food in moderate quantities and aim for a balanced diet rich in vitamins and proteins to enrich your blood supply and refresh your brain. A little bit of exercise like jogging,

eUniben wishes you success in your exams.

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For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here