I Opened Up to Him About the Abortions I Had for Him Without His Knowledge and He Broke Up With Me

I have had three abortions for a married man I have been dating for the past three years. I am 27 years old by age and all this time I never once mentioned these abortions to him.

Left for him he believes that I am a very careful person and he does appreciate me for that because he spoils me with a lot of good things I like.

However, I discovered not quite long now that I am pregnant again for him. I have prayed to the almighty to forgive me for my sins and have promised not to allow this kind of thing to happen again, except when I am really ready to keep the child.

He came to my house at this time and I told him for the first time ever about this pregnancy. I was indeed surprised and dumbfounded at his reaction over this news. He hugged me tightly and planted multiple kisses on my cheek and went further to write a cheque for me, before he sweetly told me to terminate the pregnancy and explained how his family would take the matter , bla bla bla—

If I had known maybe I should not have jokingly told him that this was not the first time I have gotten pregnant and that I have done 3 previous abortions in the past in his behalf.

That very moment he was transformed into something even now I cannot describe other than as a MONSTER! He gave me a dirty slap and snatched the cheque away from my hand and told me he would get me arrested for murder. He said I am evil and I deserved to rot in jail for my sins, Imagine!


I was utterly bewildered and only wondered if this was not the same man who a moment ago was happy to conspire and collaborate to terminate his unborn baby, and was now acting pious.

I thought I was even doing him a favour by agreeing to another abortion but he did not see the issue like that or was playing ignorant about his responsibilities.

Well, he later sent me another cheque and said I could do whatever I want with the pregnancy but I should get out of his life. see, I don’t want to loose this man because I love him, So I dont know if I am the one to go begging him or he should apologise for hurting my pride.

Please I need advice on this because I am going crazy over the whole affair especially when I have to go through another abortion. As at now I am writing to you this man cannot even stand to have me in his presence.

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For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here