My Boyfriend Ganged Up With His Friends and Forcefully Molested Me

My boyfriend of about one year ganged up with some of his friends and I was physically abused and molested. I am twenty-one and he is twenty- four but he is in the university and I am yet to gain admission.

I learnt not very long ago that he is a terror on campus and harasses both male and female students. I met this guy two years ago through my elder brother and from that moment I fell in love with him. Because of the love I had for him I am ready to do anything for him and that is why I allowed him to deflower me just two months ago.

The problem is that ever since he had his way with me, his attitude totally changed. He transformed into a beast and was not as affectionate as he used to be before we slept together. He does not return my calls, and messages and when he is in our neighbourhood he avoids my house like a plague.

I got to learn that he and my brother had a misunderstanding in school two weeks ago now and about that period this guy called my phone suddenly. I was shocked and surprised because for some time we have not been communicating.

He asked me to come over to his place that he wanted to talk to me. So I went and getting there I met two other guys with him. He was the one that backed the doors and he and his friends forcefully slept with me and threatened to kill me if I tell anybody.



I have not told anybody yet about it and the incidence affected me both psychologically and emotionally. But I discovered that despite what this guy and his friends did to me I still love him very much.

I am ready to forgive him if he begs for it but I have sworn never to forgive his friends.

Please advise me, am I right in keeping this malice against my guys friends when he was the one that encouraged them to defile me. Does he not deserve to be punished too. I need your urgent advise before I decide how to go about taking my revenge.

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For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here

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