My Sister’s Rich Husband Wants Me to Sleep With Him For Money

I am a single mother of twenty-seven and I live with my elder sister and her husband along with two other sisters all from the same mother.

My sister and her hubby have three children and the man is very wealthy because he is the branch manager of a prominent bank. Unfortunately he is very irresponsible because he keeps mistresses outside his matrimonial home. He has even slept with my other sisters and his wife is not aware of this.

This man always enticed them with money and they will agree to sleep with him. I discovered all these facts and confronted them with it. They are now quarelling with me because I told them that what they did was wrong. But I did not tell our sister.

Lately this man has been soliciting me to sleep with him and he is enticing me with money. All of a sudden he is very nice to me and my daughter and always seems concerned about my little girl. I was really surprised by his attitude to me and when he was asking me to sleep with him, I did not know what to tell him.

The truth is that I have been going through a lot of difficulties because my daughters father abandoned us, and I am the only one catering for her.


My sister’s husband has been so nice to me to the extent of assisting me in opening the tailoring shop which I manage presently (I am a skilled seamstress). But the problem now which I need advice on is that he is threatening me that if I refuse to sleep with him he will throw me and my baby out of his house.

He says my sister does not have to know and he would give me a lot of money but I am confused as to whether I should accept his demands? If I reject it he will throw me and my daughter out and if that happens I have no where to go because me and my sisters have lost both our parents long ago.

Please advice me because this is urgent.Should I sleep with my sisters husband because of the welfare of my daughter? I don’t want us out in the cold! Help me!

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For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here