My Wife Died Years Ago and Now I am Falling in Love With My Tenant’s Wife

I am forty-three years old, a widower and a house owner. I have two grown up kids by my late wife who passed on four years ago. I did love my late wife who I had been married to for eighteen years but when she died I was so affected by her demise that four years after I am yet to date another woman.

But lately I have observed that I am developing strong feelings for the wife of one of my tenants. She is a young lady of about thirty-two, very attractive and respectful.

This lady has really been quite nice to me and my family ever since she moved into my house with her husband two years ago. My kids attend boarding school so they are hardly around, and most times I am alone with the house help (a male) at home.

This lady usually comes over to check on me if I have eaten or taken my bath. Sometimes when the house help goes away she even volunters to assist me with the laundry.

All these gesture has got me falling in love with her because she possesses everything a man requires in a wife. But I have come to observe something which is making me very confused.


I suspect that this lady’s husband who has a distant job and is usually not around except on weekends and public holidays is having an affair and that the lady may not be happy in the marriage.

I have witnessed a fight between the two of them of which I intervened. On another occasion I noticed the woman had left the man after another fight but a few weeks later she returned back to the house.

Please I need your advise.

I am in love with this lady and my mind tells me to open my feelings to her. But really I don’t understand how it would change anything because she is married and I will be doing wrong to have an affair with her. Honestly, right now I don’t want to know what is wrong or right because I can no longer concentrate because I am always thinking of her.

My children like her a lot and she is yet to have kids of her own. What should I do? Should I tell her my mind or serve her and her husband a quit notice, so that I wont be seeing her again, because each time I see her my feelings are strongly stirred up.

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For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here