This Wicked Guy Molested Me Some Years Ago and is Now Trying to Blackmail Me

I accompanied a male friend of mine to a drinking spot in town. We are both dating and the man seems to be serious with our relationship. He is older than me with four years and he has a good job.

I am twenty-four and a student in the polytechnic we met over a year ago. This guy is sometimes saying I should speed up my education so we can get married. I am certain he really cares, and over time I too have developed mutual feelings for him.

The problem is that about two years ago before I met this guy, I got involved with one other fellow who actually forced me to sleep with him, when he was still trying to ask me out.

I was so naive then because I walked into this mans trap. He forced himself on me and after he succeeded, pushed me out and called me a harlot. I was so hurt and I swore to cease all dealings with men folk until I met this present guy.

It is just that this guy was so different from any man I have ever seen and I was having double thoughts as to seeing all men as the same. I love this guys behaviour because he is so matured and civilized.


He has taken me to his elder sister’s house and introduced me as the woman he intends to marry. I also love the kind of friends he keeps because they are all employed and decent like him.

It is not quite two weeks that he asked me to accompany him to this drinking spot which he said is run by another of his good friends. I saw no reason why I should not accompany him and I was sure that this friend of his was also like the rest of them I have met.

Lo and Behold! this friend of his, turned out to be the guy who had defiled and abused me two years ago. The shock was on both our faces but my guy did not understand anything.

That evening I did my best to avoid this other wicked guy but he managed to have a few moments with me when my boyfriend was out of sight.

The problem is that this guy is blackmailing me to come and see him and sleep with him or else he would tell my guy what happened in the past.

Please advice me, should I succumb to his blackmail and protect my relationship, or should I tell my guy? if I do I am afraid he will quit the relationship. Help me please, because I am confused and afraid.

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For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here