Top Distractions that the Uniben Student Must Overcome to Succeed Academically in 2018…this session


The Uniben Student, in pursuit of his dream of attaining excellence in his academic journey, has on his track hurdles and challenges that he must deal with if he is to garner any applaud able level of Success at the bus stop of his academic road.

Despite the milieu of distractions, success in Academic activities is not an impossible feat, for it has been done over and over again.

The exams for the 2017/2018 academic session is fast approaching and now is the best time to set your course aright so as to get the off the semester.

The following, without any specific order, are few of these distractions been faced by Students at the university of Benin and most possibly in Universities and institutions of learning in Nigeria.

The Use of “Bombs”, “Chukuli”, other “Heavy Duty Machines/Equipment/Devices” and specially prepared packages in Exam Hall

Use of cheating aids popularly known as “bombs” and “chukuli” has made many lazy. Why read when you can prepare special machines that will help you in the Exam hall. Pls if you are one of these, repent now before the bomb explode, or better still, read as you prepare the special package. You don’t know tomorrow. Stay Safe…Just passing Chaaaaa…

Phones and Other Gadgets

Do you need your iPhone beside you before can read or must you take the laptop with you to class. What are you doing with the Game Pad at Night class. Uniben student, exam is close by, thou you know whats best for you. It is you that waka come and it is you that will waka go… but seriously, leave the stuff you don’t need alone while you are on the book. If this fight is gaining mastery of you, seeking help from a friend would be your salvation, if you are lost in it, seeking counsel may help but if you are lost without hope, then you may just need a prophet in white attire for deliverance…just a joke (:

I only pass by chaaaa…

Extra-Curricular Activities/Hobbies

No need for to be sports team, dance team, skill acquisition group… must you do everything. Pls be the master of one

and not the jack of all. You came for book, so pls face book. And if you go to fellowship, remember to read like you never prayed and don’t forget to pray like you’ve not read. Keep the balance on check. Check time spent on Hobbies and then maybe {: play…

 Social Media and the Internet

Facebook, instagram and twitter…hmm pls face your book and don’t twit useful time away and say bye bye to facebook and twitter.

Going to Buy food/things during study time

Big problem for the night class students…your read at physics and go to buy food at June 12, why not get all you need before you start reading or at least go when you take a break.

Noise Making and Busy Body Friends

Big one for the one who can’t do without his cliques. Get the right guys around you and know that time for reading is for reading, not chip-talking.

Night Class Noise and its troubles

Many who come to read at night tend to have other agendas in mind with which they distract others, so mind where you study at night if you can’t do it in your hostel or house. And pls consider others if you have other agendas in mind.

Thank you for reading to the end… wishing you the best of success as you study.

For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here

For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here