Uniben Bans Fellowships and Religious Groups Activities on Campus

The activities of fellowships at the University of Benin has been brought to a halt with the revoking of all registration by fellowships and religious groups within both Ugbowo and Ekehuan Campuses.

With this directive from the students’ affairs division, the activities of all Christian fellowships as well as non-Christian religious groups have been banned, except the Students Christian movement/ Christian Union, Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES), the Scripture Union, Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students and the Muslims Society of Nigeria.

According to the Students’ Affairs Division, there has been an unhealthy increase in fellowships on Campus as well as a deleterious use of the Halls, Classrooms and open fields for meetings by these fellowships. This was the reason given for the sudden reversal.

New guidelines and rules will be introduced before these groups can be re-registered.

Students who decide to worship on campus can do so at the All Saints Chapel, St. Alberts Catholic Church and the Mosque as well as the exempted fellowships.

Subsequently, clearance must be obtained from the University management through the dean of Students before the invitation of a preacher.

Further stated in the directive is that, any violation of these rules by any person will not be handled gently but will be made to face the wrath of the law.

What is your say about this development?

For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here

For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here

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