Uniben Hostel Monthly Sanitation Exercise Gains Wide Support with the Introduction of New Rules to Keep Hostels Clean

In a bid to keep the halls of residence clean, the Office of the Director of Welfare, Students’ Union Government (S.U.G), University of Benin is introducing a monthly sanitation Exercise which is to kick-off with the onset of the new academic session.

The initiative which was earlier revealed by the Director of Welfare, S.U.G University of Benin, Hon. Aghedo Gifted, in an exclusive interview with eUniben.com, has gained much significant Support from many individuals, Departments as well as organizations on campus.

The initiative has gained support from the Office of the Dean of Students, the Chief Security Office, Man O’War, The Red Cross, mayors of the Hostels as well as Porters

According to Hon. Aghedo Gifted, the Monthly Environmental Sanitation became necessary as the need for a clean and healthy environment cannot be overemphasized. It is of great importance that the environment be kept neat because a dirty environment is detrimental to human Health and as such never conducive for learning.

In a notice from the office of the Director of Information, S.U.G, Uniben, Every student residing in the Halls of Residence is expected to participate fully in the monthly exercise, which will be conducted on the last Saturday of every month.

In line with this, anyone who intends on staying in the hostels for the coming session is to take note of this development as “it will be implemented with high level of seriousness”.

Meanwhile, the following unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly habits have been prohibited, these include:
– “Shot putting” (indiscriminate dumping of excreta)
– Bathing in unauthorized places
– Failure to use funnels while pouring Water down from various series
– Failure to use Waste Bins.

All hostel dwellers take note!

For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here

For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here