Uniben Students: Make the best of the Holiday, how to effectively and productively use the Holiday


The exams are over, the 2017/2018 academic session in Uniben is over, and a long holiday ahead. The break is on, no more worry about classes or preparing for an exam at least, till the new year. Three whole months ahead.

Certainly, you need not be asked how will you spend the holiday? Instinctively, you’ve got a ton of ideas running on your head; spend time with the family, for you’ve been away for so long, hangout with friends, go all on the game pad having missed your cool games, see all the movies that have been on your must-watch list. The possibilities are endless.

But, a better question will be, what will you do to make the best of the holiday? so here are tips on how to have a productive and satisfying holiday time;

Learn a Skill and Improve on existing ones

Yes! Aside spending time with friends and family, consider learning a new skill. There are lots of things you can learn out there and with the internet readily available today, getting resources have become a whole lot easier, not to mention the cut on cost. You can acquire a skill that will enrich your C.V for the particular career you desire to pursue.

Get a Job, Apply for an Internship

There is a popular saying that, “money makes the world go round”, therefore lay hold on every opportunity life gives you to make money. And if you are so fortunate to be presented with several job choices, before making your choice, consider the one which presents you with an opportunity to improve on yourself, remember, you are still a student and you every chance to build on yourself. So an internship may be a better choice even if financial reward maybe considerably lower.

Get started on a Business

The holiday provides you with ample time to think on ideas, make plans and implement your goals. Take advantage this opportunity and consider taking on the adventure of been your boss. Remember, the journey to a thousand-mile distance only starts with a step and you could be on the road to being the next Dangote. Anything is possible, only take a step closer to your desired goal.

Read and Study Personal Development Books, politics, Business etc

It’s a known fact that, our life today and the society we’ve found ourselves on have so evolved that, much of what is taught in school today is not enough to prepare us for the reality of the present times. So stay updated and keep in touch with the ever evolving society. Take this holiday to read and study on various topics.

Volunteer for a non Profit Cause; give back to society

The world is in need of you, your skill and resources, and there is much you can do to make the world a better place.

Plan and Prepare for the Upcoming Session

Remember that school did not shut down, it only went on break, so resumption is inevitable. Therefore, make plans and prepare for the coming session. You don’t want to be caught unprepared!!!

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy Yourself and have fun

My teachers in school always told me that “all work without play make jack a dull boy”, so take out time to enjoy the Holiday.  Keep in mind that, the Christmas is around the corner, be merry and have lots of fun.

Congratulations once again on your successful exams!!!

For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here

For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here