Very Important: How to Format and Upload Your Passport for Uniben Post UTME Aspirants

Uniben Post UTME form for the 2018/2019 Academic Session is out and is slated to begin on the 27th of July to 11th August 2018, great news! But do you know that a little mistake made during the process of filling your application can cost you any chance of achieving your dreams, at least for an entire year,  of been a newly admitted Student into the most sort after University in the nation.

One of these mistake made by applicants, especially those applying for the first time is the failure to meet up with the needed specifications and instructions given for passport upload.

Yes, as insignificant as it may seem, a passport photograph may just be the reason you will not get admitted despite the fact that you met with every given requirement.

This is clearly stated on Uniben post Utme application page,


To avoid any heartbreaking incidence such as this, kindly read these instructions and stick to them while taking your passport photograph for upload into the uniben post utme application portal,


  • A recent and clear 1” x 1” colored passport with red background, this very important, all passports must be in red background.
  • The Passport to be submitted for the application must be saved using the JPEG format, no other format should be used except this.
  • No matter how your face may look like, do not use Apparels like glasses, caps, etc. You can resume its use when you’re done taking the passport, better to be ugly on the passport and get your admission than to lose it for a cap or an eye glass.
  • Take your passport in a well-lit environment, ensure there is no shadow cast on your body or the red background. Take note of this and bring this to the notice of your photographer.
  • For any reason, do not retouch the passport photograph as any suspicion of passport blending goes with the severe consequence of automatic disqualification.
  • While taking the passport, ensure that your face is not covered by your hair.
  • If you must use a hijab, your face must be well exposed to ensure clarity and easy recognition.
  • Any tribal marks or any notable facial feature should not be edited out or covered with make up for easy recognition

The Passport photograph uploaded during your application will be your only valid means of identification throughout your stay in school.

Be extremely cautious during the application process as it deter your chances of been admitted.

eUniben wishes all aspirants the Best…

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For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here