What Will You do If, Like Me, You Found Out That Your Girl Friend is Not Into Guys But is a Lesbian?

I just discovered recently that my girlfriend of six months is a lesbian. I happened to come across this information on facebook when I tried to verify something somebody told me about my girl on the net.

Initially I was unsuspecting of my girls character because she was so decent and pretty. I respected her and when she pleaded with me to give her time to comport herself before she sleeps with me, I agreed with her.

Well that was six months ago and till date I have not made love to her. One can only imagine the hurt and devastation I received when her own cousin, a female about her age who is a course mate of mine one day told me that my girl was a lesbian and was using me to pretend to people that she has a boyfriend so that they wont know her status.


Infact this girl of mine always shows affection to me when we are in public-hugging and holding my hand, but when we are alone she is so distant.

This cousin of hers gave me a particular website to check and truly I saw pictures of my girl in the act with another girl. I was surprised to learn that my girl was a determined and well known agitator for such expression on net under an alias though.

Right now I feel betrayed and used. I love this girl and I know I will never have a future with her, but will I have a life without her? Help me please because I am distressed now! She is 26 years old and Iam 28 years of age.We are both studying in the university.

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For all the latest UNIBEN updates, Download the eUniben android app by clicking here

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